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Welcome to the youth page of Teesside DA.


This page will hopefully give you all the information you need about the camping club youth (CCY).





Your youth leaders for Teesside DA are Wilma McAvoy and Stephen Black.


What is the youth?

The Camping Club Youth is a section of the Camping and Caravanning Club for 12 to 17 year olds, introducing you to all the adventures you can have while camping in the great outdoors.

The club’s youth groups are all over the country, attached to local District Associations or special interest sections. As part of the youth section you will learn practical camping skills such as pitching tents, cooking, map reading and first aid. You will also get the chance to work towards, and take, your national youth test, which is designed to help you camp safely. If passed before you are 18, it will enable you to camp as a youth member until you are 21.

TDA CCY is part of the North East Region CCY of the Camping and Caravanning Club, each region has a youth liaison officer known as a RYLO.


Please note that during normal DA weekends parents of youth that have not passed the youth test must be on site when their child is on site. The CCY is not a child minding service.


What goes on?

During certain weekend meets throughout the year we will put on activities for the youth and have a youth camping area available, we will organise various games including football, volleyball, quoits and other sports. Other activities will also include map reading, first aid, kit packing and tent pitching to help you pass your youth test. Throughout the year there are youth meets including Regional youth rallies, National youth rallies and International youth rallies. The North East Region will also host additional weekends just for youth, see the events list below for further details.


Youth Events List TBC


Come back soon for more information on planned youth events for Teesside DA


Youth Camping List

Please click on the document to download the Youth camping and activities for 2024


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