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The Committee of Teesside DA.

If you would like to become a member of the committee then you must be a full member for minimum 1 year and forward your request to the club secretary before the AGM or verbally to the Chairman at the AGM.

Paul Gay

Chairman  & Sites Officer - Paul Gay


Andrew Lightowler.png

Secretary & Webmaster -
Andy Lightowler

Paul Hamilton

Vice Chairman- Paul Hamilton

John Tatham

Regional Rep -John Tatham

Doug Cauldwell

Assistant Sites officer - 
Doug Cauldwell

Kay Cauldwell

Treasurer -
Kay Cauldwell

Wendy Reed.png

Committee Member -Wendy Reed


Web master -
Andrew Brand

Jake Bowler

Deputy Rep to Region -Jake Bowler


Committee Member -John Coning

Matthew Roberts.png

Committee Member -Matthew Roberts

Ian Coning

Committee Member - Ian Coning


Committee Member - Phil Roberts

Steven Crann.png

Committee Member -Steven Crann

The Teesside DA Youth Leaders

Teesside DA are proud to present our youth leaders who provide a program for our next generation of campers, from pitching tents, reading maps, camp cooking and a whole range more.

Wilma McAvoy

Youth Leader - Wilma  McAvoy


Stephen Black

Youth Leader - Stephen Black

Andrew Weatherson

Assistant Youth - Andrew  Weatherson

Assistant Youth - Emma Black

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